Builders and construction firms sure know how to make a mess! Once the hard work of construction is done, no one wants to hang around to clean up. Our team at I-Kleen can clear away the waste, rubbish and dirt and turn it into a clean and presentable building site with our construction cleaning services.


We Provide Complete & Detailed Builders Cleaning for Sydney Properties

Once the building work is done, the occupiers won’t want to waste any time moving in. Our cleaners will wipe down, scrub every wall, floor, surface and fitting to remove any sign of construction work. We’ll make sure the carpets are free of any trace of builder’s boots and polish those newly installed windows until they sparkle. From a construction site to a clean and presentable new building, our professional cleaners will make sure the place is ready just in time for the moving trucks to arrive.

If you’re renovating a home, fitting out new commercial premises or building a tower block, large piles of rubbish and debris are left cluttered around, posing as safety hazards as well. Let us handle the Herculean task of clearing them up. We can remove construction rubbish and get rid of what’s left so the final result is a finished building ready for occupants. All of our construction, strata and office cleaners for Sydney commercial establishments are fully trained and compliant in WHS to keep your building site safe, even if construction work is still underway when we arrive.

Some older buildings can also contain hazardous materials such as asbestos. There are very strict regulations regarding the removal and disposal of hazardous waste. If you think your construction site may require hazardous rubbish removal, talk to us about your needs. We can arrange for certified handlers to manage the job efficiently, safely and in compliance with all relevant regulations.

Let Our Team Handle Your Construction Cleaning Needs

From site clearances and rubbish removal, to adding the finishing touches to your newly constructed or renovated building, trust in I-Kleen to deliver comprehensive builders cleaning in Sydney.

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