Gym and fitness centre cleaning

An unsanitary fitness centre won’t keep your members fit for long. Just as a personal routine needs a plan, goal and commitment, gym maintenance requires the same commitment to keep a fitness centre hygienic. We are one of the top commercial cleaning companies in Sydney with a detailed sanitation plan and high standards in gym sanitation and maintenance. It’s part of our goals to help you maintain a healthy fitness environment for everyone who uses it.


Our cleaners are highly experienced in sanitising gym equipment, common areas, changing rooms, saunas and showers to eliminate the bacteria, viruses and unsanitary conditions. Give your gym clients a safe, hygienic and spotless environment so they can exercise in comfort and confidence.


The battle against unsanitary conditions and harmful bacteria is fought with disinfectants. We only use eco-friendly cleaning products that are safe for your members as well as the environment. Our trained team knows exactly how to achieve the best results, using a minimal amount of clean & green products.

A shower area that stinks of caustic chemicals can be just as unpleasant as one that stinks of sweat and dirt. Your members should notice the freshly-washed and pleasant smelling place, not the chemicals used for disinfecting.


No one enjoys sitting on a seat, moist with someone else’s sweat. Dirt and sweat can’t always wait for the cleaners to arrive. We can supply a range of sanitation sprays and all-purpose disinfectants so fitness centre employees and members can deal with minor situations as they occur. We’d love to help you keep your fitness centre free from germs.

Give us a call today at (02) 9608 8978 or 0401 010 124 to discuss your needs. We also offer Strata cleaning for Sydney property sanitation and maintenance.