We know how and what crucial requirements of a medical facilities and hygiene-sensitive environment. That is why we are here to help you to formulate a customized and comprehensive cleaning solution that meets your unique needs, meeting an utmost cleanliness, safety and hygiene for your staff, patients, residents, and visitors.


After a day of coughs, sneezes, sweat and dirt, the biggest risk in a medical centre is what can’t be seen. With so many patients being admitted and visiting the centre every day, illness-causing germs and viruses can easily spread and infect healthcare professionals and other patients.

Your disinfecting plan should be more than just vacuuming and dusting. You need an experienced team with attention to detail, and powerful disinfectants, sanitisers and products to fight the risk of infection. Our team of trained cleaners know where to look and what to do to wipe out bacteria and other health risks wherever they may hide.


All I-Kleen cleaners assigned to medical centres are highly trained and experienced to handle unpleasant and hazardous tasks with great care, reducing risks to themselves, the medical centre staff and patients. Our healthcare facility and office cleaning services in Sydney are unrivalled when it comes to ensuring the place stays hygienic.

Healthcare facility cleaners are faced with hazardous or unpleasant cleaning challenges. The very nature of cleaning a medical centre means that occasionally they will be required to handle unsanitary and potentially unsafe substances. We make sure that each cleaner we send out to these facilities is trained to properly handle these circumstances.

Do you need your medical centre cleaned up?Talk to us about your needs and we’ll create a cleaning program for you.

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