Office Cleaning Services Sydney

Clients and employees in sydney office cleaning services deserve a spotless environment. From the foyer to workstations, your business establishment should be clean and sanitised to prevent germs from spreading.

A tidy and hygienic work place gives the right impression to clients and boosts your staff’s productivity. When business owners put a great deal of importance on the cleanliness of their offices, clients and employees hold them in high regard. That’s exactly the reason selection of office cleaners for Sydney establishments is often crucial.

When it comes to office cleaning companies in Sydney, I-Kleen is the name you can trust.


Whether you have a single location or have offices spread across the greater Sydney area, I-Kleen can develop a tailored cleaning plan for you. As one of the leading office cleaning companies in Sydney, we will not only bring you a comprehensive suite of services but the most convenient and customised plans suitable to your specific needs.

Our office cleaners have the training and equipment to perform all activities and maintenance your workplace needs. We can clean up floors, walls, desks, lifts, kitchens, fridges, toilets, storage areas, stairwells, basements and a lot more. No matter what industry you are in, our cleaners will surely live up to your high standards in sanitation.

A leader among office cleaning companies in Sydney, I-Kleen offers complete office maintenance and cleaning services in Sydney so you get superior results at a competitive price on a schedule that suits you.


Sick leaves are a big expense for any business. Not only are there wage costs, there is also a decrease in productivity. Too often employees catch a virus or bacterial infection in the workplace, either from colleagues or unsanitary conditions. It is common for workplace areas, such as the pantry area to be treated less carefully than those at home, and this can lead to many health problems.

Our highly trained and experienced office cleaners can eliminate harmful bacteria and reduce the risk of viruses in the workplace with proven office cleaning services. We use safe yet highly effective disinfectants, sanitisers and cleaning products. We also supply bathroom requisites and janitorial products that your business might need.

We understand the importance of security in the workplace. You can retain your peace of mind as all of our cleaners have a minimum of five years’ experience in office and government environments, and can easily comply with any security requirements. I-Kleen staff are easily identifiable by their uniforms and our vans are clearly marked. We are trusted by many high-profile businesses because of our professionalism and exceptionally high standards.

Because we understand the need to keep all places clean and free from disease-spreading germs, our services are not limited to offices. Our school, home and strata cleaners in Sydney can help keep your surroundings rubbish free.

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