I-Kleen Cleaning Concepts is proudly based in Kingsgrove, south of Sydney.

The team is grateful for the support they have received from the local community, helping to establish a vibrant and successful business. No wonder I-Kleen is fiercely committed to giving something back.

I-Kleen is committed to supporting and sponsoring local community groups, sporting clubs and schools so that others may also achieve success and build a stronger, happier community.



I-Kleen is particularly passionate about investing in education and schools so that more local children can achieve their goals in life.

The team has helped raise funds for Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic primary school in Earlwood for new air conditioning in each classroom. Plus I-Kleen helped sponsor new digital equipment so that more children had access to iPads and computers, helping to prepare them for their own future successes.

I-Kleen is only one of many businesses committed to providing the best classroom environment for local kids, investing in their future and the future of the local community.


Sport brings a community together. Families, teammates and supporters of all age groups and backgrounds come together to cheer on a local team with genuine pride.

I-Kleen also supports and raises funds for other local sporting clubs and school sports teams to help with sporting equipment, events and other activities crucial to their survival.

Whoever may win or lose on the field, the local community always wins by having sport at its heart.

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