i-kleen and the environment

Naturally, office cleaners use a variety of cleaning products and chemicals. Except some products are more natural than others.

We’ve made a strong commitment to only using environmentally friendly and responsible cleaning products.

Our environmental policies cover everything from air quality, energy consumption, chemicals, and waste management.


When we say we only use green cleaning products and chemicals, we’re not talking about the colour. We only use chemicals that are tough on dirt but not on the environment, such as Citrus Resources, Earth Smart and Clean Earth cleaning products.

Like most things, it’s not what you do but also how you do it. That’s why our cleaning practices use just enough chemicals and cleaning products to get the job done. All of our cleaners are trained to use chemicals responsibly, safely and economically.


We recycle wherever possible, reducing the amount of waste sent unnecessarily to landfill. There isn’t much that can’t be recycled these days, so we do whatever we can to avoid unnecessary waste.

We haven’t overlooked water wastage either. Our cleaning processes are designed to manage water use effectively, so no more water than necessary goes down the drain.

Greater efficiency also helps us to reduce energy consumption as well, for a smaller carbon footprint every day.


All of our cleaners are trained to maintain and comply with the certified Environmental Management System AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004.

We also ensure everyone is up to date and aware of all current Environmental Protection legislation and any other relevant regulations and requirements.


Through periodical reviews, we track our performance against set environmental objectives and sustainability benchmarks.

In this way, we can investigate potential improvements and implement action plans to increase our environmental performance.