Naturally, office cleaners use a variety of cleaning products and chemicals. Except some products are more natural than others.

We’ve made a strong commitment to only using environmentally friendly and responsible cleaning products.

Our environmental policies cover everything from air quality, energy consumption, chemicals, and waste management.



Commercial cleaning processes use a variety of range of chemicals.And very few of them are organic in nature and biodegradable and it will leave a great impact on our environmentresulting a permanent carbon footprint.But we’ve made a strong commitment to use only biodegradable and environmentally friendly chemicals.I-kleen / ICC company environmental policies coversand concerns for air and noise pollution, water, and soil contamination for direct and indirect impacts. The green cleaning chemicals that we use are environmentallyneutral and still offering superiorcleaning results.After a vast experience we have set up a range of natural and organic chemicals designed for best results and safely and sustainably.

Our team has tested and experimented with wide range of cleaning products in the past. Mostof them are resultingsimilar to the eco­friendly detergents that we are currently using.We have partnered up with environmentally friendlycleaning chemical providers such as:

  • Enviro Chemicals
  • Agar
  • Whiteley
  • Milestone

It is important for us that our chemicals that we are using on daily basis is able tominimize crosscontamination, be compliant with OH&S, reduces carbon footprint and is GECA certified. GECA (Good EnvironmentalChoice Australia) is an independent body, not for profit organization that provides the standards for professionals and cleaners tobe confident that these items are Green Star compliant.The GECA certification is approved and recognized by the InfrastructureSustainability Council of Australia and performing very well for  NABERS (Indoor Air Quality) & LEED projects. There is great advantage for utilizing natural, eco­friendly cleaning agents and chemical.

 We understand that eco friendly cleaning is the future for sustainability. our valued clients will benefit greatly from our practices.

  • Reduce the water usage, strong chemicals with the help microfiber technology.
  • Avoid the use of chemicals contains phosphates and other dangerous combinations.
  • Prolong the life of our cleaning equipment through regular service, careful handling and effective maintenance.

These things are part of Clean ICC’s green cleaning solutions. The great thing about this is that they are versatile toany kind of premises such as offices, strata properties, buildings, schools, hospitals and medical centers, and even aged care centers and childcares.



When we say we only use green cleaning products and chemicals, we don’t compromise with quality.Ourchemicals are tough on dirt, grease and grime but not on the health and environment, such as Citrus Resources, Earth Smart and Clean EarthEnviro chemicals cleaning products.Mainly it’s not about what you do but also about how you do it and it comes with strong experience and commitment for preservation of environment and mother earth.That’s why our cleaning practices are all about using right chemicalsagents tools and techniquesfor every task we perform.All our cleaners are well trained to understand chemical nature and handling responsibly.



We try to reduce and recycle every possible resource so the  amount of landfill waste will be minimized.Possibly most things canbe recycled these days and try and reduce waste in terms of water air and land fill. Our cleaning processes are designed to use less water. And there will be less water down the drain. These can be only achieved by high tech equipment experienced staff training and responsible behavior.



All of our cleaners and staff are trained to adhere requirement of Environmental Management System AS/NZSISO 14001:2015.Refresher and training on job, tool box meetings ensures everyone is up to date with current Environmental Protection legislations, regulations and requirements.



Through periodical reviews, interviews, Q&A session we track performance of team against set environmental objectives andbenchmarks.This helps us to identify and understand area of improvement and action plans to incre

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